no begging, no pleading, no dragging

No Begging, No Pleading, No Dragging

Building Your Business – No Begging, No Pleading, No Dragging

No Dragging, No Convincing, No Pitiful Stories

Have you ever been talking to someone about your business and you feel like you are explaining, dragging, convincing and almost begging?

I used to feel that way before I starting learning to market online.

I called a girlfriend of mine yesterday to chat.

We used to be in a business together.  We would share stories about who we had talked to and laugh and pick each other up.

Because dragging, begging, pleading, following-up, and meeting over coffee can really wear you down.

I actually joined Empower Network to learn to have customers find me online.  To have them ask me for information. To ask me for a presentation.  So they are telling me their story because they want my help.

No more stories of how I lay out the yellow brick road to them for wealth and peace.  And they say no thank you.

And then I feel like, “What else could I have said? What else could I have emphasized? What did I say wrong?”

No Begging, No Pleading, No Dragging

Wanna learn how to have them come to you?

Wanna build a system that does the work for you over and over?

Even as you sleep?

My upline used to say, “We are just sorting them out.  Some will be interested and some will not.”

Wanna system that will sort them out for you?

No Begging, No Pleading, No Dragging

no begging, no pleading, no dragging

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