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long tail keyword tool

Dominate with the Right Long Tail Keyword Tool

Avoid this common mistake to start to rank on the SERPs.  Do you wonder why you can’t crack the first page of the SERPs?  Learn to select the right keywords by using the right long tail keyword tool.

One of the most common reasons that new internet marketers fail to rank on the SERPs after months or years of effort is that they often select words or phrases that are too difficult to rank for.  The competition is too tough and the new internet marketer does not have the experience, knowledge or tool set to compete.  That sounds harsh and it might make you want to give up.  Don’t. Give. Up.

You can dominate the first page of the search engine results as well.  You just have to determine the right system to use and employ it consistently for amazing results.  You will be doing the happy dance when you see your rank improve.

What is the solution to this common problem?

Use the right long tail keyword tool to select long tail keywords for which you can successfully compete.

What is a long tail keyword?

A long tail keyword phrase is a longer set of words entered into the search engines by your market. These phrases are more specific and often indicate an increased likelihood of purchasing.  For instance, someone searching for “exotic fish” may be writing a school report or looking for pictures.  But someone searching for “exotic fish tank cleaner” is likely looking for a product to purchase.  Long tail keywords are often less competitive for organic search rankings and less expensive for pay per click strategies.
How can I find the right long tail keywords?  Use the proper long tail keyword tool to generate a solid list of phrases that attract highly target traffic to your offer.

What are some long tail keyword tools?

A good tool is a free tool, right?  It is, if it is not too cumbersome, complicated or confusing.  There are some good long tail keyword tools available.  Some are free and will require an investment.
One free keyword tool that I found was keywordshitter.com.  (Pardon the language, I did not name it but it generated 1258 related long tail keywords for my term in less than 5 minutes.   It received mixed reviews on a forum but as long as you have a fast internet connection and are using the right browser, it seems to work well. As far as the right browser – if yours is not working, try another one.

Once you have a generous list, you can sift through it and clean out the phrases that are irrelevant to your site theme, expertise or interests. It is important for ranking to maintain a tight handle on the topics covered.  You do not want to be a “jack of all trades” on your site or blog.

A paid tool that will also generate long tail keywords for you quickly is called keywordfighter.com.  This tool is a one-time payment of $27.  It scrapes long tail keywords from sites like:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask.com
  • Alexa.com
  • Youtube.com
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Shopping.com

I have not tried this one personally, but it received positive reviews on the forum as well.

Good Recommendation for a Long Tail Keyword Tool:

I would generally stick with one of the free ones like keywordshitter.com or googlekeywordtool.com as there are other tools to buy if you are going to dominate higher competition keywords.  But now that you have this incredible list of hundreds or thousands of keywords, you need to know what kind of traffic a first page ranking might generate and how challenging the competition is for the keyword.  You will also need to know about the page rank and backlinks of the competition.Check out my review of several keyword research tools-free and paid- that will help you address these questions.

Better Recommendation for a Long Tail Keyword Tool:

In my opinion, the best long tail keyword tool to dump all of these potential gold nugget phrases into is Market Samurai.  Or you could even just start with Market Samurai from the very beginning.  Market Samurai uses Google Adwords for its data and generate 800 related keywords.  Creating an account and logging into the googlekeywordtool.com will also give you 800 related results.  If this is not enough, then try one of the long tail keyword tools that I mentioned above.

long tail keyword tool

Market Samurai offers a free trial period of the product.  You can use it to generate long tail keyword phrases (you can even specific how many words you would like in your phrase), remove negative keywords (words that you would like to exclude), compare potential traffic and conduct specific competitive research.  It is a solid keyword research tool, a solid long tail keyword tool and a good investment at only $149 for a lifetime license.  Sign up for the free trial here and see for yourself.  They also offer excellent training videos.

Write a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy hunting!

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long tail keyword tool

long tail keyword tool

Best Keyword Research Tool Will Make Your Business Better

Are you struggling to improve your rank on the Google SERPs?  Maybe you are not using the best keyword research tool

Understanding the fundamentals and your goals of your keyword analysis is the first step to selecting the best keyword research tool.

If affordability, comprehensive training and ease of use are factors in your decision then I have a recommendation for the best keyword research tool for you.

If money is no object and you just want all of the features and tools currently available then I also have a recommendation for the best keyword research tool for you.

There are many keyword research tools available on the market these days. Many are free and many will require an investment. It will be helpful to look at a quick comparison. I have selected a few factors that have been critical in my keyword analysis.

Factors that determine the best keyword research tool:

  1. Cost: The cost of the tool can vary from free to a monthly charge of almost $100 per month. You should take a hard look at your keyword analysis goals and how much time you are willing to invest in becoming proficient with the tool. The key will be to determine if you will commit to using the tool enough to recoup your investment.
  2. Training Provided: The tool with the most features will not do you any good if you do not master them and that will depend on how good the training is. I like for the company provided training to be simple to find and understand. I also want it to range from basic concepts to more advanced techniques.
  3. Compatibility: Whether you work in the same office 365 days a years or whether you travel around the globe might make a big difference on which tool you prefer. There are pros and cons to both the web-based tool and the downloaded tools.
  4. Ease of Use: The interface should be clean and straightforward. If your desk looks anything like mine, you don’t need any help being unorganized.

Best Keyword Research Tool

Based on this quick comparison, I recommend using the 7-day free trial period offered by Noble Samurai for the Market Samurai Keyword Tool. It offers far more information that the free tools about the competition and allows you to track the rank of your urls (and others that you do not control like YouTube). If after the free trial, you determine that it is an effective tool you can purchase the lifetime license. You can use the product forever for the cost of one or two months for the other paid services!
The best keyword tool will work with the fundamentals aspects of keyword analysis in mind and should have all aspects built-in.

6 Most Crucial Aspects of Keyword Analysis

In the event that you are seeking the secrets to keyword analysis then you must make certain that you have addressed these 6 key steps and that your tool is aligned with these steps.
Let’s see how Market Samurai can help.
If you spend time writing the best guides, blogs and create the most beautiful website ever seen, before you assess the following standards, you might find that you are the only one reveling in your content. And that does not help you generate profits.

  1. Brainstorm a List. Brainstorm a list of terms that will be relevant to your online site and your target market. You will need to choose and prioritize your content creation based on the following vital steps. All of the tools with help with this step. The free Google Keyword tool will help you quickly find a keyword lists based on your geographical preferences. You can then add this list to Market Samurai (in the Add keywords area) and conduct a more detail analysis of traffic, trends, relevance and many other factors.
  2. Assess Searches and Potential Traffic. Keyword analysis demands an idea of how much web traffic can come to your site once you achieve a specific ranking on the search engines. You must know that searches are distinct from traffic. 1000 people may search for a word each month but the number one placed site gets a large proportion of the traffic (about 36 %). The number two site gets another smaller slice (about 12 %), the third site gets a smaller portion (about 8 %) and so forth. You can see how essential it is to rank # 1, # 2, or # 3 on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google Keyword tool data gives your searches while Market Samurai gives you traffic based on achieving the number one ranking for the keyword.
  3. Assess Competition. Keyword analysis requires a grasp of how much competition there is for a particular keyword string. You will need to know how many other sites and pages contain the same keyword string. It might be a very common keyword phrase on millions of pages or it might be a very niche term (We often call this a long tailed keyword) on just a few hundred pages. This will impact your ability to get the front of the search engines. Market Samurai allows you to set maximums for competition to help you in the next step.
  4. Assess Your Chances. Keyword analysis requires an understanding of how sound the competition is for a certain keyword string. Once you know how many pages and sites you are up against, you also need to know how powerful the competition is. Is the site skillfully optimized with thousands of back links or is it a simple site that has not been optimized? The second aspect of this step is to predict based on your current toolset and skill set, how likely are you to be able to beat the competition and take a spot from someone who is already ranking for the keyword or phrase. Market Samurai provides insight into the number of backlinks, number of government or educational backlinks, as well as on-page optimization.
  5. Assess Value of the Keyword. You think that you have found a few keyword phrases to pursue for your next set of articles. The fifth step is to assess how valuable the keyword is in the market. If that keyword string attracts visitors who never purchase anything and you intend to sell them something, then that is a wasted effort. That is just a hobby. So you want to select the words that have enough commercial value to make your development worth it. Check.
  6. Determine the Value that you can Add. The last and perhaps most important question that we must address during this phase of keyword analysis is, “What value can I bring to the discussion of this term?” Without the ability to add value to the discussion of a topic or product, you are unlikely to make much money.

There is lot to know about each component and the training provided with Market Samurai is top-notch and easy to understand.
Now, you can just skip to the bottom line.
Is there a tool available that I can afford that will do most of this work for me quickly and easily?

Absolutely !! Keyword Analysis can be simplified if you use the best keyword research tool that your budget will allow.

A GOOD SOLUTION: FREE.  If you are just starting with keyword analysis and only plan to dabble in SEO then a good approach would be to stick with the free keyword research tools and blog or shoot videos based on trending keywords for the day or with “low competition, high traffic” keywords. You should understand that these low competition, high traffic keywords are probably general, non-buying keywords. In short, you may get some traffic but these searchers are generally looking for information rather than a specific product to purchase.

A BETTER SOLUTION: MARKET SAMURAI. If you are getting started and you plan to take your SEO efforts seriously, a better solution would be to purchase the best keyword research tool within your budget. I recommend Market Samurai. For only $149 for a lifetime license, you get a robust tool that helps streamline all of the steps described above. It will also track the rank of your webpages and the training provided is top notch. After watching 4-5 brief training videos, you will be confident that you can address each of the criteria mentioned above. Market Samurai is a downloaded program that runs on your PC or MAC. The only downside that I have found is that it can be slow. For example, it may take 45 seconds to complete the keyword generation step or conduct the keyword analysis. The tool has several modules: Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition and Domain, Find Content, Publish Content and Promotion. You can read more about how to use the Keyword Research Module here. They offer a 7 day free trial.

best keyword research tool 3


THE EVEN BETTER BUT MORE EXPENSIVE SOLUTION: SECOCKPIT. If you are seasoned with keyword analysis and have bigger budget, you can subscribe to SeCockpit. This product will reduce some of the word-by-word analysis required and organization required for Market Samurai as it is more streamlined and integrated within the product. They offer a monthly and a yearly subscription. This tool is web-based therefore you would be able to access your information anywhere. If you look around the site, you will see the SECockpit references Market Samurai a lot so they must view them as the primary competitor. SECockpit also provides social media data like FaceBook shares, Facebook Likes and Tweets. As social media engagement is expected to play a larger role in ranking on the SERPS, it might be helpful to get a head start on the competition by using this product. They offer a risk-free, 30 day money-back guarantee.

best keyword research tool

Whether you are using keywords to get organic traffic to your site or if you are using it to focus your paid marketing strategies, chances are you still have some missing pieces like an authority blog, high-converting capture pages, a merchant account, an auto responder, high-converting email copy, and much more.

THE BEST SOLUTION: Select the best keyword tool that you can afford (Market Samurai, SECockpit), build your keyword analysis skills and combine that with the turn-key system provided by Empower Network.  You may ask, “What does Empower Network sell, anyway?”  You can have access to the authority blog domain, capture pages, merchant account, auto-responder, email copy and much more by just clicking here.

P.S. Did you learn something?  Do you want to learn more? If so, let me know — share your thoughts and comments below…..